Online Cake Delivery To India

Steal the heart of your loved ones with our Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake in India. We have amazing cakes for you in all flavours like Chocolate Cake, Black Forest Cake and other varieties in cakes like Photo Cake, Age Cake, Kids Cake in India. You can send these cakes across India. Browse cakes from below, order your cakes online and get its same day delivery in India.

Send Cakes To India – A Delicious Treat For Loved Ones

While it takes concrete action to show your sweetness to the people you love and care for, you can also give them cakes & make your actions speak louder. When you buy a cake that not only looks good but tastes good as well, you know how satisfyingly & happy you can become. Given this, you would want to share the sweetness and happiness to the people you love. Cakes are a sweet and tasty type of food that can make someone smile just by having a bite or a slice. We provide you only the best tasting cakes that are made with our skilled bakers to certainly satisfy your taste buds!

Cakes come in various shapes, sizes, designs and flavors. With our online cake delivery, you can now have the option to give anyone a cake that would cheer them up by using our Same Day Cake Delivery or Mid Night Delivery services. You can get your choice of cake delivered right to your doorsteps or even send cakes to anyone in India, be it Chandigarh, Bangalore, Delhi or Mumbai. It doesn’t matter if you would like to send a cake to your mother or sister who is living in Bangalore while you are living in Mumbai. With our cake delivery service, all you have to do is choose the type of cake you would like to send and we will deliver it to them on the date that you would want them to receive their cakes! Our same day delivery and midnight delivery will guarantee that the cake that you are giving will be received promptly and in perfect condition, anywhere you want in India!

The best part in giving a cake to someone is that they come in a variety of designs and flavors that can easily convey the message that you would want them to receive. In our online cake shop, you have a wide array of cake shapes and flavors that you can choose from to fit whatever occasion or event that you or your loved one has. It doesn’t matter if each of your family members or friends have different tastes in a cake, you will surely find one that would fit his or her interests and preferences from our cake list! Some of the cakes that we offer are Chocolate, Black Forest, Red Velvet, Vanilla Butterscotch, Strawberry Cakes and Pineapple Cakes that are truly loved by people from all over. We can help you make your cake giving act more special by putting in a meaningful dedication on top of your cake to make it more sweet and personal.

Order Online Kids Cake Delivery Across India

Do you have a child of your own and would like to provide him or her the best kid’s cake for his or her birthday? Or did your child have an achievement that you would want to congratulate him with by giving him his favorite cake? Then you should definitely grab a kid’s cake from our online cake store. We have an assortment of kids’ cake that you can choose from to fit the specific interest of your child while being confident that they taste good! In addition to placing a fun dedication to greet him for his special moment in life, you can choose whatever character or design you would like for your kid’s cake. We will make sure that your kid’s cake will be delivered promptly any time of the week through our same day cake delivery or midnight delivery service. With our top choice of kid’s cakes, your child will truly appreciate how you make everything more meaningful for him or her.

Online Photo Cake Delivery To India

If you want to give a fun and unique cake to someone close and dear to your heart, why not try our Photo Cakes? Do you want to give unique birthday cakes with photos of the birthday celebrant? Or do you want to congratulate someone over an achievement or milestone he had in life? Do you want a unique cake for you and your partner for your anniversary? Our photo cakes make your special moments more fun and unique by having your choice of photos to be printed on top of the cake flavor of your choice. You can have the option of either having your loved one’s favorite character or his own photo printed on the cake. Whoever you are giving a photo cake to will be truly awed and happy by having his own personal cake!

Online Delivery To Send Anniversary & Birthday Cakes Across India

Anniversaries and birthdays only happen once a year. This is why it is important to find the right flavored cake and designs to make special moments and events like these more memorable. Choose among our flavorful cakes like the 1pound Chocolate Truffle Cake, Ultimate Chocolate Cake, or Strawberry Cake to eat after having dinner with your partner on your anniversary celebration. Or get a Butterscotch Cake, Strawberry cake, or Pineapple Cake to give someone on his or her birthday! With the wide array of flavors and designs that we have on our online cake shop, you will surely find the right cake to give to your loved ones for your anniversaries or their birthdays! They will truly appreciate how you never forget to remember special days and moments like this and even top them off with the most delicious cakes ever!

Send Valentine Cake Across India

In addition to giving chocolates during Valentine’s Day, did you know that giving cakes to your loved ones are another great and tasty way of showing how much you love and appreciate having them in your life? We have a variety of valentine cakes that you can choose from to give to your special someone on Valentine’s Day. You can have the option of getting a regular square or round-shaped cake in whatever delicious flavor that you prefer or get a unique heart-shaped cake with a sweet dedication scribbled on top. Whatever type of Valentine Cake you choose, you will surely capture the heart of the person that you love with our top of the line Valentines Cakes that are made to be sweet, beautiful, and tasty!